Ignasi Marimon-Clos |

Lagom 1.3.5 is released!

This has been quite a busy month since we released 1.3.4. Scala Days Copenhagen took a lot of time from our schedules and thus 1.3.5 was delayed more than we’d hoped for.

This release is a bugfix release with a couple of community contributions. We’re seeing a constant flow of community contributions in the past few releases and that is great news! Special thanks to crfeliz, guizmaii, edouardKaiser and jaiew for their great work.


To update an sbt project, change the version of lagom-sbt-plugin in your project/plugins.sbt file.

To update a Maven project, change the lagom.version property in your top-level pom.xml.

Change log

See the change log for more details on exactly what has been fixed in each release.