Download Lagom 1.2.2
with Activator 1.3.12 today

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What is Lightbend Activator?

Lightbend Activator is a release of sbt that includes the ability to create new projects from templates, allowing you to get quickly started with developing your Lagom application.

Download Activator 1.3.12
1M - Windows, Mac and Linux - JDK8
Installation instructions:
Java Scala

Lagom from the command line

Add activator to your PATH to have the command available in your cli.

Create a new project from the command line:

$ activator new myapp lagom-java

Run an existing project from its directory:

$ activator runAll

Start the sbt console:

$ activator

Lagom templates

A full list of templates can be found in the Lightbend Activator template directory.