The Opinionated Microservices Framework
for moving away from the Monolith

Meet Lagom

The Lagom framework includes Java and Scala APIs to simplify development of microservices. Lagom's integrated development environment accelerates development — by allowing you to focus on solving business problems instead of wiring services together. A single command builds the project and starts all of your services as well as the supporting Lagom infrastructure, which includes a web server for testing. The environment hot-reloads services when you change your code.

Lagom is built on top of Akka and Play, proven technologies that are in production today, delivering scalability and resilience to some of the most demanding applications on the web. While Lagom is open source, you can adopt it with confidence knowing that Lightbend offers subscriptions for support, assistance during development, and access to additional tools for deployment and monitoring.

Watch the 3-minute Meet Lagom video below, or try Lagom yourself. Create a Lagom project and test a simple Hello World service in just a few minutes.

Learn more

View introductory videos below or browse Lagom documentation.

Introduction To Lagom

With James Roper (14 Min)

Services are asynchronous. Intra-service communication is managed for you. Streaming is out of the box. Your microservices are resilient by nature.

Developer Setup

With Mirco Dotta (11 Min)

Development is familiar. Use your favorite IDE and favorite dependency injection tools. You leverage the old to build something new.

Managing Data Persistence

With Patrik Nordwall (16 Min)

Systems are distributed. Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence are under the hood. Cluster sharding is implicit. CQRS and event sourcing is made trivially easy. Your systems are cloud ready and elastic.

Lagom ConductR Deployment

With Christopher Hunt (13 Min)

Deployment is seamless. Your services are already set up for production. With one command, you safely scale out in production.