Release versions

Release versions are stable versions that continue to be maintained, and are supported commercially by Lightbend.

Lagom 1.5.4 (current stable release)

Lagom 1.4.15

Preview versions

Documentation previews for upcoming releases.

Lagom 1.6.0-RC2 (preview)

Old versions

Old versions are no longer maintained.

Lagom 1.3.11

Lagom 1.2.3

Lagom 1.1.0

Lagom 1.0.0

Community Content

Blog posts, webinars, tutorials and other content provided by the community.

Blog posts

  • Lagom 1.4 and Kubernetes Orchestration (JWORKS TECH BLOG)
  • Event Sourcing with Lagom on GCP (Ido Shamun)
  • Lagom tutorial: using Event Sourcing to create an online shopping cart (Inviqa)
  • Lagom Circuit Breaker: What, Why and How? (Knoldus)
  • Tour de Lagom (blog post series) (Manuel Bernhardt)
  • Guide to Reactive Microservices Using Lagom Framework (Baeldung)
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing with Lagom (codecentric Blog)
  • Lagom 1.2: What's New? (JWORKS TECH BLOG)
  • Run a Lagom service standalone with Zookeeper (Coder's IO)
  • The Lagom Framework for Microservices and Domain-Driven Design (jaxenter)