Ignasi Marimon-Clos |

Lagom 1.4.9 released!

The Lagom team has released Lagom 1.4.9.

This release provides a few bug fixes and an improvement.


  • Updates Akka to 2.5.18. This Akka release introduces few improvements on the DNS implementation. It also improves the cluster membership handling so if you are using Akka’s Split Brain Resolver you may want to upgrade.
  • Updates Akka HTTP to 10.0.14 with an important security fix. It’s is unlikely that as a Lagom user you were exposed to the vulnerability, though.
  • Updates Play to 2.6.20 with some minor improvements.
  • Fixes a regression on LagomClientFactory introduced on the 1.4.x series which was causing a LagomClientFactory running inside a Lagom service to interfere with the service in some scenarios causing failures at boot time.

See GitHub for the full list of commits and the issues and pull requests assigned to the 1.4.9 milestone.

Updating a Lagom project to version 1.4.9

To update an sbt project, change the version of lagom-sbt-plugin in your project/plugins.sbt file.

To update a Maven project, change the lagom.version property in your top-level pom.xml.

After updating, it is recommended to fix any new deprecation warnings you see when compiling or running your services.


Thanks to the community for their detailed bug reports and contributions.

Thanks to Lightbend for their continued sponsorship of the Lagom core team’s efforts. Lightbend offers commercial support for Lagom.

Special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release:

commits  added  removed  author    
    4       4      10    Dale Wijnand
    3      82      48    Ignasi Marimon-Clos
    2       2       2    Martijn Riemers
    1       1       1    Ravi Thinakkal
    1     506      76    Renato Cavalcanti