Change Log Archive

Lagom is Approaching EOL

This project will only receive security patches until July 1, 2024, at that point the project will no longer receive any additional patches.

If you are an existing customer of Lightbend and we have not yet contacted you, please reach out to Support.

We recommend migrating any existing work to:

  • Akka for deeply customized projects with complex infrastructure needs. Akka now contains the vast majority of Lagom features.
  • Kalix for a managed scalable environment with an abstraction above the Akka framework layer to allow you to focus only on business logic.

Lagom 1.2.3

Released 06 March 2017

  • 476 Invalid keyspaces when using lagom:runAll in Maven with unmanaged Cassandra
  • 446 Persistence tables fail to be created in MySQL
  • 449 No way to disable JDBC offset table creation
  • 403 KafkaLocalServer should not be loading properties from the classpath
  • 426 lagomExternalProject is broken
  • 519 Fixed Eclipse warnings for Maven archetype
  • 498 JDBC generate tables check for existing table does not work with a schema other than public

Lagom 1.2.2

Released 12 January 2017

  • 318 bugfix: can’t use JDBC persistence when usin Maven as build tool.

Lagom 1.2.1

Released 07 December 2016

  • 307 Docs: Cassandra and cluster are disabled by default. (thanks @mihbor)
  • 285 Regression: Jackson exception when using immutables in lagom 1.2.0 (thanks @mihbor)
  • 301 Improve tests stability
  • 274 Performance: Avoid stream materialization on requests with no body

Lagom 1.2.0

Released 08 November 2016

  • 161 Message broker/Kafka support
  • 63 JDBC support
  • 126 Generic read-side support
  • 73 Automatic offset handling
  • 151 Read-side overhaul, including sharded read sides

For a full list of issues fixed in 1.2.0, see GitHub.

Lagom 1.1.0

Released 21 September 2016

The primary feature of this release is Maven support.

  • 101 Assign service ports from ephemeral port range.
  • 112 Maven support.

Lagom 1.0.0

Released 21 July 2016

First GA release of Lagom.

  • 107 Comprehensive error reporting in dev mode.
  • 111 Make circuit breakers a service locator concern.

Lagom 1.0.0-M2

Released 5 May 2016

Second MVP release. The major change in this release is that ServiceCall no longer has an ID parameter, instead parameters extracted from the URL are passed directly to the service interface method. See issue 99 for more details, and the Service Descriptors documentation.

  • 26 Fix Cassandra chewing 100% of CPU
  • 32 Ensure default memory options are suitable for Lagom
  • 41 Improve service locator port conflict error reporting
  • 53 Improve dev mode specific dependency injection
  • 75 Ensure query parameters get added to client requests
  • 91 Fix Cassandra reconnection issues
  • 99 Rework URL parameter handling
  • 102 Ensure service interfaces can be implemented using a Scala trait

Lagom 1.0.0-M1

Released 10 March 2016

First MVP release.