package jdbc

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Type Members

  1. trait JdbcPersistenceComponents extends PersistenceComponents with ReadSideJdbcPersistenceComponents with WriteSideJdbcPersistenceComponents

    Persistence JDBC components (for compile-time injection).

  2. trait JdbcReadSide extends AnyRef

    JDBC read side support.

    JDBC read side support.

    This should be used to build and register a read side processor.

    All callbacks are executed in a transaction and are automatically committed or rollback based on whether they fail or succeed.

    Offsets are automatically handled.

  3. trait JdbcSession extends AnyRef
  4. trait ReadSideJdbcPersistenceComponents extends ReadSidePersistenceComponents with SlickProviderComponents

    Read-side persistence JDBC components (for compile-time injection).

  5. trait WriteSideJdbcPersistenceComponents extends WriteSidePersistenceComponents with SlickProviderComponents

    Write-side persistence JDBC components (for compile-time injection).

Value Members

  1. object JdbcSession