package slick

Type Members

  1. trait ReadSideSlickPersistenceComponents extends ReadSideJdbcPersistenceComponents

    Read-side persistence Slick components (for compile-time injection).

  2. trait SlickPersistenceComponents extends PersistenceComponents with ReadSideSlickPersistenceComponents with WriteSideSlickPersistenceComponents

    Persistence Slick components (for compile-time injection).

  3. trait SlickReadSide extends AnyRef

    Slick read side support.

    Slick read side support.

    This should be used to build and register a read side processor.

    All callbacks are executed in a transaction and are automatically committed or rollback based on whether they succeed or fail.

    Offsets are automatically handled.

  4. trait WriteSideSlickPersistenceComponents extends WriteSideJdbcPersistenceComponents

    Write-side persistence Slick components (for compile-time injection).