Using Lagom with Java

Lagom is Approaching EOL

This project will only receive security patches until July 1, 2024, at that point the project will no longer receive any additional patches.

If you are an existing customer of Lightbend and we have not yet contacted you, please reach out to Support.

We recommend migrating any existing work to:

  • Akka for deeply customized projects with complex infrastructure needs. Akka now contains the vast majority of Lagom features.
  • Kalix for a managed scalable environment with an abstraction above the Akka framework layer to allow you to focus only on business logic.

You can use Maven or sbt to build services you create with the Lagom Java API. (If you aren’t using one of these tools already, see this information to help you choose between sbt and Maven.) The Lagom development environment runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Try it from the command line to get started and later integrate your project into an IDE. Maven and sbt plugins make it especially easy to integrate the Lagom development environment with Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.

The following screen shows a successful run of the Lagom development environment with Maven:

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Maven sbt