Reference Guide

ยงLagom reference guide

Configuring builds and the development environment

  1. Defining a Lagom build
  2. Splitting a system into multiple builds
  3. Importing an existing Maven project into Eclipse
  4. Creating a new Maven Eclipse project with the Lagom archetype
  5. Importing an sbt project into Eclipse
  6. Importing an existing Maven Project into Intellij
  7. Importing an sbt project into Intellij
  8. Set up Immutables in your IDE
  9. Increase memory for sbt and Maven

Running Lagom in development

  1. Development Environment
  2. Running Services
  3. How are ports assigned to services?
  4. Service Locator
  5. Cassandra Server
  6. Kafka Server

Writing Lagom services

  1. Service descriptors
  2. Implementing services
  3. Service Metadata
  4. Consuming services
  5. Testing Services
  6. Message serializers
  7. Header Filters
  8. Error handling

Writing persistent and clustered services

  1. Persistent Entity
  2. Cassandra Persistent Entities
  3. Relational Database Persistent Entities
  4. Persistent Read-Side
  5. Cassandra Read-Side Support
  6. Relational Database Read-Side Support
  7. JDBC Read-Side Support
  8. JPA Read-Side Support
  9. Publish-Subscribe
  10. Serialization
  11. Cluster

Decouple services with a message broker

  1. Message Broker Support
  2. Message Broker API
  3. Lagom Kafka Client
  4. Message Broker Testing

Running Lagom in production

  1. Production Overview
  2. Lightbend ConductR
  3. Using ConductR with maven
  4. Using ConductR with sbt
  5. Reactive Platform


  1. Logging
  2. Configuring Logging

Advanced topics

  1. Integrating with Akka
  2. Integrating with non Lagom services

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