Lightbend Platform

§Using Lightbend Platform with Lagom

Lagom is part of the Lightbend Platform — an operationally robust solution for deploying Reactive Microservices. It gives you the ability to infuse your applications with intelligence based on real-time streaming and Machine Learning (ML). Lagom services can be developed, deployed and run in production using only open source components. However, we recommend considering the advanced features provided by Lightbend Platform.

This page highlights the Lightbend Platform features that are especially useful for most Lagom users, but there are many more. You can find an overview on the Lightbend web site or contact Lightbend to learn more.

§Akka Commercial Addons

Lagom is based on Akka, a set of open-source libraries for designing scalable, resilient systems that span processor cores and networks. Akka Commercial Addons is a suite of useful components that complement Akka and Lagom. These can be included as dependencies of your Lagom services to enable their functionality. It includes:

See the documentation for each of these to understand if they apply to your use of Lagom.

We strongly recommend using the Split Brain Resolver with all services that use the Lagom Persistence API or other cluster-based functionality. Read about the importance of the Split Brain Resolver in the Cluster Downing documentation.

§Telemetry and Console

Lightbend Platform also includes observability features to ensure the health and availability of your Lagom services. This has two essential pieces: Lightbend Telemetry (code named “Cinnamon”) and Lightbend Console. Telemetry makes it possible to gather metric, event and trace information from Akka, Scala, Play, and Lagom based applications. The information is transferred to various backends such as Prometheus. The Console provides visibility for KPIs, reactive metrics, monitors and alerting, and includes a large selection of ready-to-use dashboards.

To use these with Lagom, the Lightbend Telemetry agent must be included as a dependency of your Lagom services. See the Lightbend Telemetry documentation for details:

See Integrating Lagom with Lightbend Telemetry for a Java example of integrating Telemetry into a Lagom service.

§Configuring a Lagom build for Lightbend Platform

Bintray credentials are required to build applications using the Lightbend Platform. Lightbend customers should log into the support portal to obtain their credentials. Follow the links below to see how to supply the credentials when using sbt or Maven.

Contact Lightbend to get started with Lightbend Platform.

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