Lagom examples

ยงLearning more from Lagom examples

After getting started with Lagom’s Hello World example, you can learn more about Lagom by downloading and
running Lagom’s “Shopping Cart” example (either shopping-cart-scala or shopping-cart-java).

Some of the Lagom features you can observe include:

  • How to use persistence
  • How to use the message broker API
  • How to communicate between services

For focused examples, check the lagom-samples repository on GitHub. Each sample describes how to achieve a particular goal, such as:

  • How to use Lagom with Lightbend Telemetry
  • How to use Lagom with Cassandra for write-side persistence and JDBC for a read-side view
  • How to use gRPC as the communication mechanism between two Lagom services
  • How to deploy a Lagom Maven application in OpenShift?
  • How to use Lagom with Akka Couchbase Persistence

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